printed circuit boards (PCB's)

Using a select group of suppliers Prestwick can help its customers find the right purchasing solution.

Each of our partners undergo quality and business audits annually by Prestwick to ensure standards are maintained.

Our partners can provide all specifications of pcb at any volume, whether on quick turn or normal lead time requirements.

technical specifications

  • Up to 48 layer PCB
  • FR4, High Tg Fr4, Teflon, Halogen Free
    Arlon, Metal base PCB
  • HDI Technology
  • Blind/buried and Microvias
  • Filled Vias
  • HASL, LF HAL, ENIG, Imm Silver
    Immersion Tin, OSP
  • Impedence Control
  • Flex and Rigid Flex pcbs

PCBs for the access controls.

Prestwick provide PCBs for the access controls for car parks to a new customer in Iberia...

World Supply for Energy Meters.

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New digital microscopes.

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