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Prestwick Circuits GPS Ltd have been acquired by Fineline VAR UK Ltd.

We are pleased to announce that Prestwick Circuits GPS Ltd has been acquired by Fineline VAR UK Ltd, who are part of the global company Fineline Global.

Fineline and Prestwick are a perfect match, with their core business being on value add PCB supply. The acquisition will strengthen both companies. There will be no changes to the way business is transacted and the company name will remain the same.

For further information about Fineline click below.


Alan retires

After working in the pcb industry for over 40 years Alan decided to retire.

Alan worked for many years in Exacta in Galashields, then in Via Systems and Circuitx in South Shields before joining Prestwick Circuits in 2004.

We sincerely hope Alan enjoys a long and healthy retirement.

Worldwide Supply of PCBs for Energy Meters

Prestwick have been selected to help in supplying printed circuits boards, components and cables to a manufacturer of energy meters for Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Angola, Macau, China, France and Monaco.

This represents a major opportunity for increasing sales into one of our key European customers.

Prestwick provided various technical assistance in helping design the PCBs to perform in a variety of environments.

Prestwick provide PCBs for the Access Controls for Car Parks in Iberia.

Prestwick continue to help developing metal PCBs incorporating a special alloy providing greater shielding performance when used in motion sensors.

A variety of parts have now been developed for use in various automotive sensors, supplied to Europe, USA and China.

Production volumes are expected to be required very soon.

Prestwick Invest in New Digital Microscopes.

Prestwick have invested in new digital microscopes which adds to their laboratory capability.

Useful in carrying out quality assurance and any technical investigations required.

Prestwick Circuits GPS Ltd attend Southern Show

Prestwick yet again held a stand at this years Southern Show in Farnborough.

And were able to demonstrate the services offered.

This years show was again very busy and a record high number of new contacts were made.

In addition the raffle for the famous Prestwick Circuits whisky was won by Steve Dickson, Sales Manager of Precision Manufacturing Ltd.

See the whisky being presented to Steve by Victor Sproat, Prestwick Account Manager.

Prestwick Win New Project For Electronic Receiver

We supplied the circuit boards for a new very low current receiver for RF applications that allows “always on” speed and convenience in telemetry systems.

This narrowband receiver consumes less than 1mA allowing the “always on” functionality in energy-limited solar or battery operated equipment without excessively draining the power source and limiting operation.

Measuring just 59x38mm and 7 mm high it is ideal for space -constrained applications such as data logging, industrial telemetry, smart building controllers, security and fire safety.

Southern Manufacturing 2016

Prestwick shall be exhibiting at the Southern Show 9-11 February.

The UK’s  longest running electronics show is held over three days in Farnborough.

Component kitting

Prestwick Circuits has successfully provided a variety of electronic component kits for one of its major customers in Portugal.

This involved procuring some fifty different components from sources in China, Tiawan, Japan and USA. This kitting activity has added an additional service which Prestwick can now offer.

PCBS for use in sensors

Prestwick is now supplying pcbs to a major automotive customer based in mainland Europe.

The pcbs are used in a variety of sensors for use in high end cars.

There can be up to one hundred sensors in some modern cars, and this represents a major opportunity for Prestwick to supply high volume quantities of pcbs.


Prestwick now help to source and supply pcb for use in the Aerospace industry.

With its partners having approval to AS9100 Prestwick can now offer this option and has now supplied several parts in Aerospace customers based in USA.


Prestwick are now supplying volume quantities when the customer is using a laser to add 2d bar coding. This provides greater traceability for the customer.

Copper Paste

Prestwick have provided several parts to an established customer utilising plated over opper paste in via holes. This provides the customer with greater thermal conductive properties.

New installations for LED lighting

Prestwick have won several contracts to supply led floodlights for use in churchyards and
whisky bonded storage.

Have installed panel lights into a veterinary  practice in Lisbon. And has installed high bay lighting to a factory based in the Midlands.

Supply Electronics to Nuclear Power Plant

Prestwick have recently supplied printed circuit board assemblies for use in a Nuclear Power station. The assemblies replaces old parts which were populated with obsolete parts.

The new pcbs were designed from scratch and utilise quick release one way connectors to reduce maintenance time and eliminate the risk of wrongly installing the assembly.

Prestwick win PTFE contract

Currently supplying several pcbs used in the electronics in several educational toy designs.

These pcbs are supplied into assembly factory based in Malaysia and are distributed throughout the world.

Prestwick win PTFE contract

Currently supplying several pcbs used in the electronics in several educational toy designs.

These pcbs are supplied into assembly factory based in Malaysia and are distributed throughout the world.

Gerber produced for New Customer based in Ireland

Have successfully produces a gerber from an old obsolete pcb. And subsequently made pcb for use in assembly.

This is becoming an increasing part of our business, where customers require spare parts but have no pcb specification or Bill of Material information available.

Supplying boards for patient monitoring in Chinese Hospitals

Prototype boards for radio controlled smart traffic light management has now gone to volume. Can control traffic lights over 10 KM distances

Prestwick win PTFE contract

Prestwick recently won contract to supply the pre-production pcbs on ten parts for the oil industry.

Once approved contract could be worth over £100k per annum.

The pcbs are manufactured using PTFE base material by one of our approved manufacturers based in China.

Prestwick Upgrade IT

Prestwick have recently renewed their main server and installed HP Microsoft Server 2012.

This represents an essential upgrade within the business IT capability.

New Reverse Engineering Project

Prestwick have won a new contract to reverse engineer a number of PCBAs used in the train network.

These PCBA are old designs where no circuit diagrams, drawings or Gerbers exsist.

The project involves:

1. define the bill of material.

2. understand obsolete components and recommend alternatives.

3. create PCB Gerber

4. manufacture PCB

5. assemble PCBA

Visit to China

During a recent visit to China Jim included visits to new factories developed by current suppliers.

These are located in Jiangxi and Jiangsu province.

These areas offer economic benefit to our suppliers and help to ensure Prestwick remain competitive.

Prestwick issue PCB Shelf life guidelines

With the variety of PCB finishes used today, there is often questions related to shelf life. These guidelines help to define the key points.

New metal PCB

Prestwick are helping to develop a new design of pcb for the automotive industry.

The pcb incorporates a special alloy which provides improved shielding performance when used in motion sensors. Several prototype design have been made, and it is hoped that production quantities will be required during 2015

Prestwick continue to subscribe to EICC

The EICC Code of Conduct is a set of standards on social, environmental and ethical issues in the electronics industry supply chain.

The standards set out in the Code of Conduct reference international norms and standards including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO International Labour Standards, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, ISO and SA standards and many more.

Prestwick helping to make buses greener

Prestwick have won a contract to supply tens of thousands of pcbs to the Econospeed project.

It is a throttle controller that allows a vehicle's maximum road speed, engine speed, and maximum rate of acceleration to be limited by any customer defined criteria.

By electronically restricting the vehicles maximum rate of acceleration and forcing earlier gear changes by limiting maximum revs Econospeed encourages economical and careful driving. It is a fit and forget system with no training or management required.

New Battery Specification Supplied

Prestwick have now supplied for a customer in Portugal a unique custom made rechargeable battery for use in lifejackets.

Should the samples perform as expected an order for 50k batteries will be received.

Supplier To McLaren

Prestwick have won repeat orders to supply 14 parts used in the manufacture of the McLaren sports car.

This demonstrates Prestwicks ability to supply high quality pcbs for a high performance car.

Prestwick supply Avionics products.

Prestwick have been selected and have won the contract to supply high technology pcbs for use in sophisticated radios used in the Avionics industry.

Prestwick PCBs used in Olympic games.

Prestwick supplied PCBs for use in the opening ceremony of the Olympic games.

Parts were used to power LED lights on the costumes of some of the performers.

New Customer Based In Scotland

Prestwick have been selected to become preferred pcb supplier for a company in Central Scotland who manufacture of alarm products.

High Volume , High Technology PCB

Prestwick have won an order to supply 5k of an 18layer pcb, made in China, for use in a major Telecommunication company.

This underlines the capability of Prestwick partners to manufacture volume quantities of high technology parts.

Partners Moving North

Most of Prestwick partners are in the advanced planning stage of building new factories further
North in China.

This provides cost advantages. Of course none of these factories will be used prior to auditing
being carried out by Prestwick engineers.

ISO 9001: 2008

Prestwick have again been successfully reapproved by Bsi for ISO9001:2008. And once again no non conformities were observed during the audit.

Prestwick Satisfy

During a recent Customer Satisfaction survey Prestwick were rated as better than the competition in 100% of replies. Survey was based on Cost, Quality, Communication and Customer Service.

Prestwick have secured further business in Malaysia

Prestwick have secured further business with a new customer based in Malaysia. Prestwick will supply pcbs to one of the world's largest manufacturers of security equipment for all types of commercial and domestic premises.

Prestwick have won a contract to supply over one million PCBs

Prestwick have won a contract to supply over one million pcbs to an automotive company based in Portugal. The pcbs will be used in the led lighting systems of well known models manufactured in Portugal. This further underlines Prestwick's ability to supply into a variety of markets in many different countries.

Prestwick have supplied highly specialised LED lights to a University

Prestwick have supplied highly specialised LED lights to a University based in Portugal to assist in research in a Micro algae project. To help understand the effects of algae when subjected to various LED light sources.

Prestwick supply local whisky distillery.

Prestwick have recently supplied LED Floodlights to a local whisky distillery.

Prestwick supply snooker and games room.

Prestwick have supplied flexible LED lighting to a snooker and games room. This utilises almost 50metres of LEDs in a continuous strip.

Jim McDonald recently visited China as part of the routine quality and business audits carried out on all suppliers each year.

Jim McDonald recently visited China as part of the routine quality and business audits carried out on all suppliers each year. Jim was accompanied on this occasion with one of their major customers who, in summing up the visit, made the following comments:

"Prestwick, along with their suppliers do a wonderful job, offering great flexibility with no MOV. We are very appreciated of their help. All issues are quickly resolved, and we expect our business level will continue to grow"

Prestwick supplied 1 million LED circuits to churches in Brasil

Prestwick Circuits have supplied almost 1 million LED circuits to supply into churches in Brasil.

Prestwick to supply PCBs for energy meters.

Prestwick Circuits have won a major contracts to supply PCBs for use in smart energy meters. These will be used in Angola, Venezuela, Cape Verde, Macao and in Spain

Prestwick won the contract to manufacture PCBs for alarm systems.

Prestwick Circuits have won the contract to manufacture PCBs for use with personal alarm systems for the elderly.

Prestwick Circuits have now won several contracts.

Prestwick Circuits have now won several contracts to supply PCBs for Hawker Siddeley.

Account Manager Victor Sproat recently did the Land O'Burns Ayrshire Hospice Midnight Walk

He raised some cash for the local Hospice. Well done Victor, see attached photograph showing Victor in his walking gear with his medal.

Prestwick now supply PCBs in train stations and bus stops

Prestwick have won the required approvals and have commenced the supply of PCB assemblies for use in the led information noticeboards used in train station noticeboards and alongside bus stops.

Prestwick now supply Flexible LED Tape

Prestwick now supply Flexible LED Tape, cut to size and provided with the appropriate driver. This has proved to be extremely successful with Shopfitter and Kitchen installers as well as to the public at large.

Prestwick PCBs to be used on the railways

Prestwick have won a large contract to supply metal clad PCBs to be used in the signalling system
on the railways.

Prestwick LED products receive approval from Danlers.

One of the leading suppliers of dimmer switches have now approved Prestwick LEDs for use in their products.

Prestwick help to produce Candy Floss!

Prestwick PCBs are now used in the equipment used to produce candy floss.

Prestwick supply Avionics products.

Prestwick LEDs supply Optician chain.

Prestwick LED spotlights are now being used and installed into a number of a well known Opticians throughout the country.

Prestwick audit suppliers.

Reverse Engineering.

Prestwick have recently successfully completed a reverse engineering project. This entailed receiving an 25 year old assembly and recreating all the gerber and drawing information. The previous supplier had long since closed and no engineering details were maintained. Ten circuits were successfully made, assembled and put through a rigorous final test and burn in. Prestwick are now managing the manufacture of production runs of 100 assemblies per month for its customer who is based in Arizona, USA.

Supplying Spotlights.

Supplying PCBs to customers in China.

Prestwick have won business to supply PCBs to a customer based in China.

Prestwick selected to supply PCBs for the Danish Ambulance service.

Prestwick supply a 10 layer PCB for pager systems.

To help to demonstrate our high technology capability Prestwick have successfully supplied a 10 layer PCB for sophisticated pager systems. These PCBs are manufactured with 65micron track and gap.

Free surveys show benefits of LED lighting.

Prestwick Circuits supply PCBs to market in Portugal.

Prestwick Circuits are supplying PCBs to the automotive market in Portugal. These boards are used in LED indicator units. We anticipate long and prosperous relationship with our Portuguese customers and will continue to support them with reliable, competitively priced PCBs for the automotive industry.

Prestwick Circuits GPS granted continued quality approval.

Prestwick get order for LED bed lamps to a hotel chain in Portugal

Prestwick have recently fulfilled a large order of LED bed lamps to a hotel chain in Portugal. This opens up a new potential market for Prestwick as hotels look to upgrade their facilities and improve the aesthetic appearance of their hotels whilst reducing energy costs.

Prestwick become Global Strategic Partner with TT electronics integrated services Limited

Prestwick Circuits GPS approve a new supplier

After the recent visit to China a new supplier has been approved to cater for Prestwick growing customer base. This supplier is TS14949 approved, and will be particularly useful in supplying high technology, high volume pcbs. This is a new factory, very well equipped with laser drill and HDI capability. It is located about 500Kms north of Shenzhen.

Jim McDonald said "We have a select group of suppliers and we don't approve new suppliers very often. The business stability we enjoy when working with suppliers in China is very important. However this is an important addition to our supplier list and the geographical position of the factory also provides economic benefits. We look forward to a long and successful relationship."

300k PCBs for Venezuala

Solder paste stencils for delivery

As part of their ongoing commitment in supporting our customers wherever possible. Prestwick can now offer solder paste stencils for delivery especially on new part numbers. This is providing a useful addition to the products we currently supply and is proving popular within our customer base.

LED Floodlights to Angola

Jim Visits China

As part of the ongoing program to continually audit suppliers Jim McDonald will visit China in June. It is a hectic schedule as normal visiting over ten suppliers in seven days. Focus will be on existing suppliers but also plan to audit a new PCB supplier with a view to adding them to our controlled list of suppliers. The visit will also include visits to LED suppliers which is a growing market for Prestwick.

LED Tube Lights to Portugal

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Alan Retires

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Alan worked for many years in...

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We are pleased to announce that Prestwick Circuits GPS Ltd has been acquired by Fineline VAR UK Ltd...